I knew I was evil when I disappeared from here and everywhere I had a social media footprint. People asked me what was wrong, in emails, on FB Messenger and even whatsapp. I even hid from my YouTube channel.

I just took a break. I had to centre myself after my sister’s leg was amputated just below her knee (and it wasn’t the foot that was hurt the day she was run over, no her other foot, thank you diabetes), a friend’s mother died and I decided just to take a break.

I left no messages why just disappeared. If I did explain why I would have been bombarded with ‘I am sorries’ and ‘I am thinking of yous’ and those stupid hug emojis on my return. I decided to return when I felt ready to return.

I know that is evil of me so I took a photo of me looking like an evil zombie in a Chinese hat. And edit it to look as evil as I felt.

Sorry if you worried. You had reason to I suppose. But I am okay. Okay enough to crawl out of my hole and confess my sins.