We’re all victims, we’re all survivors, but we can choose to be stuck in playing the victim or we can fly out of our darkness as survivors and light the way for others. There is no joyful dead, joy is for the living, but for joy to be manifested in our lives, we must become better. We must grow empathy, sympathy, charity and love in us, we must renounce violence and hate. We are humans, but we can fight darkness and fear within us by giving the beauty that we all also have a chance to shape us. We live in an era where enlightenment is in our very grasp but if we ignore that gift it is but ashes that the winds of stagnation will sweep from us. Want our world to be better, then be a source of light. Set a path that nurtures and teaches goodness and respect. Be the you that you can be proud of, in a country you can be proud of. We make the country. We are the country. When visitors come to your home give them the gift of charity and love. Your country is your home. If visitors to your home do evil, fight as a being of pure good, do not strike with evil because evil gives birth only to evil.

You have only one life. Light it up with love and peace, not with destruction. Be good. Be light. Choose life. Be an agent of Good.

(c) 2019 Allen Wolfie Simpson

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