There is something very off to me with the term ‘gender-neutral’ when it involves children. With babies I can understand when you get clothes that will fit either gender at the age of birth, especially if you don’t know if the child is going to be a boy or girl, but taking gender from three to thirteen year olds might, in my humble opinion confuse a child on his or her gender awareness. Children should know the difference between male and female, the way we learned about gender when we were young, we’re not a race of insects where our children in nymph state are bi-gender, we are for the most part born one gender or the other.

I am not saying take off the trousers and show children the difference, (that is creepy), I am saying be natural, show children the way in a healthy manner. When I was a little boy I understood gender. The way kids dressed, acted etc showed me that some kids are different than I am, that they are female. I just think gender-neutral ideas can be psychologically damaging to children, and we need to cultivate a gender innocence and appreciation in them.

And if your son wants to be a girl and your girl wants to be a boy, let that choice come naturally to them. I have no problem with transgender men and women, we all deserve to be who we feel we are inside.  It is okay to be you. It is okay to be me, and it is more than okay to grow up with a healthy appreciation and understanding your natural gender.

(c) 2019 Allen Wolfie Simpson