The secret of life, the only secret is that life evolves. It is the only thing you can be sure off. You yourself evolved. Look at yourself from within. Are you still friends with most of the people you have been friends with twenty years ago, or did you all evolve apart from each other? Some became darker souls, due to tragedies and life choices, some became clones of their parents or society because they fear being rejected but they want to be themselves. Sadly society writes the rules. Society makes the decisions for us.

Centuries ago, as an example, being homosexual was not a taboo in many cultures, but it became unacceptable and people were mutilated or murdered because they were different. Another example is women who were forced to be sexually mutilated, to make sure they do not enjoy sex. Another example was when reading the bible was taboo, only priests were allowed to read it and yes, look it up, ‘society’ reported people for reading the bible and these individuals were punished.

But what I am writing here has nothing to do with Christianity it is about personal
evolution. About being strong enough to show society the middle finger and to be just you. Now, if being you mean murdering, maiming, raping and other atrocities, what I am writing here is not for you. I write for those who long to be what they desire to be, and at the same time bringing light to other people in this world.

The secret of life is to evolve. One day there was an animal that only walked on four legs. Let’s say it was a bear. All the bears could only walk on four legs and were easy prey for other predators. One day one bear saw an enemy closing in on her and her cubs, and somehow, she stood up on her hind legs to scare it off. Something happened to bring change. She learned from that incident and stood on her hind legs when threatened. She evolved and became stronger. Her cubs learned that from her. They did the same and so started the true origin why bears have no natural enemies in their environment.

Will you stand up and evolve, and teach those around you to be stronger. Are you an agent for change or will you be the same boring person until you die? A wise man once said that to change the world we must change ourselves first. Be the change.

Life evolves, be a life. Live.

(c) 2019 Allen Wolfie Simpson

Photo credit: Photo by Hanneliese Bredell