My heart is broken, not for the lives saved but the lives ruined,
My heart is broken not for the plenty but for the poor,
My heart is broken, for the small businessman’s children
My heart is broken for the old lady selling fruit just to survive,
my heart is broken for those who have nothing and now
are locked down…

My heart is broken for the those victimized and exploited
by bad men,
who steal from those suffering
you know who you are in this cursed lockdown…

My heart is broken for those who end their lives
because they cannot survive
my heart is broken for those in fear
for the desolate
for anyone who is depressed

I feel with you
your suffering is my suffering
because you are my people

I pray for strength to the weak and downtrodden
I pray for wisdom

and I pray for myself
for I am one with you

(c) 2020 Allen Wolfie Simpson

I just feel sympathy for those going through hardships in this extended lockdown. I wish I could be an instrument for each person suffering to make it better. All I can do is write a poem from my heart. Blessings and health to all. Amen.

Dedicated to the other victims of the lockdown situation, those not infected or dying from COVID-19 but suffering and feeling hopeless. I am with you in heart and spirit.