Interesting that the number of suicides in South Africa has not been mentioned anywhere but it has been confirmed from a reliable source in the crime scene cleanup industry that their cleanups after suicides have increased drastically.

Yes, 65 people have died in South Africa from COVID-19 related deaths but the lockdown has millions of victims due to hunger, loss of employment, depression, loneliness and some people choose to end their lives. I acknowledge them, someone has to.
I know that no words can ease those of us that find us in dark places but please remember that there are people that care for you, that love you. Try to keep hope alive, our ancestors have been through worse in their own way and survive, lets not become victims but survivors.
I myself suffer from depression and I have bad days, boy do I have, but I refuse to give up. I know my resolve is tested every day but with those come small victories and I do believe they make me stronger. Stay strong with me,
Allen Wolfie Simpson