'n venster na 'n ander wêreld


Mei 2020

My Corona

my gisters het verdwaal agter maskers
‘n wêreld geskep waar alles toe gesluit is
en almal is bang, op ‘n mikroskopiese vlak Lees voort “My Corona”

everything is a lie until it isn’t

The one thing in this world I have learned, and I have learned it from all of you meaning every person I have ever met, read or even heard about, is that everything is a lie until it isn’t. Lees voort “everything is a lie until it isn’t”

If I could turn into myself

Skin and bone,
my prison of alone
hidden skindeep Lees voort “If I could turn into myself”

So I smoke

Yes, I smoke. You can call it a filthy habit or a guilty pleasure and yes we all have reasons why we smoke, all seven million South Africans each has his or her reasons and I don’t judge. I hope you don’t as well, or at least, you are not one to force you anti-smoking beliefs on us. We don’t need to be arseholes about things that we don’t approve off, do we. Lees voort “So I smoke”




hiding behind a mask
the heaviness creeps on me
every day a prison like the last
this burden I wish away from me Lees voort “Hiding”

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