The one thing in this world I have learned, and I have learned it from all of you meaning every person I have ever met, read or even heard about, is that everything is a lie until it isn’t. We hear something and decide it is fake, or untrue until the thing we disbelieved in happens and we realise it is not a lie anymore.

Jules Verne wrote about submarines. It sounded like science fiction until the first one was actually invented and build. We read about cloning, thought it science fiction and then Dolly the sheep happened.

Everything is a lie until it isn’t.

‘We are all being controlled. The lockdown is proof of it.’ Everything is a lie until it isn’t? I wonder. I have not made up my mind about it. Are we being controlled?

What is the definition of freedom? We each have one. Now, look at your personal definition of freedom… Are we free? Are we under control of our own lives? I am not saying we are being controlled. Is everything a lie, or isn’t it…

In the immortal words of that old bard and silvertongue:’To be or not to be, that is the question’.

(c) 2020 Allen Wolfie Simpson