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Fairy Rider

Fairy Rider Chapter 10

Fairy Rider by Leonie Roderick

Chapter 10

Saturday morning dawns bright and clear with an early morning breeze. Dillon knows later in the day it will be breathlessly hot and the sun will be shining down relentlessly. This is one of the big differences. In Johannesburg the mercury needle never reaches these heights and by comparison, could almost be regarded as cold. Even on the warmest day it never is as hot as this place. Lees voort “Fairy Rider Chapter 10”

Fairy Rider Special Edition Chapters 7 – 9

Fairy Rider by Leonie Roderick

Chapter 7
Dillon awakens suddenly and jumps out of bed. He stands in silence and listens.
In the moonlight he can see the two dogs. They growl deep in their throats and sit with ears pointed, heads turned.
He can also see the clock on the desk. Three o’clock!
What is happening outside? Why did he wake up, believing someone called him? More, why are the dogs growling? Lees voort “Fairy Rider Special Edition Chapters 7 – 9”

Fairy Rider Chapters 5 and 6

Fairy Rider By Leonie Roderick

Chapter 5

The tree isn’t that cheap and with the needed compost, fertilizer and soil he spends quite a bit of money.

His parents are impressed and his mother is even a little tearful when he presents them with the gift.

The man at the nursery and another man, a client, promised him the Acacia was a perfect choice for this area. For him it looked like an ordinary thorn tree, but he was assured that it would grow into a perfect shady tree.

The other man there seemed to know who a Dillon was; He didn’t introduce himself but talked away calling Dillon by his name. Lees voort “Fairy Rider Chapters 5 and 6”

Fairy Rider Chapter 3 and 4

Fairy Rider By Leonie Roderick

Chapter 3
As the train slowly leaves the station, Dillon sinks down onto one of the seats, waiting for inspiration to strike him. What is he going to do with his time until he gets there?
He opens his carry-all and feels around for the book he bought and has been waiting to read. Opening it he can’t summon the energy to concentrate on the written words.
Suddenly he feels bad. He shouldn’t have given that money away. He should have bought his mother some stupid gift and told her it came from his grandmother. Lees voort “Fairy Rider Chapter 3 and 4”

Fairy Rider – Chapter 2

Fairy Rider By Leonie Roderick

Chapter 2
“Diolmhain, it’s time to get up,” his grandmother calls from the doorway.
Why his grandmother always uses the Irish-Gaelic form of his name he doesn’t understand. Maybe she likes to torture him. He doesn’t like to go to all the trouble of pronouncing it in its original form or explaining it to people.
Also it makes him angrier than it did in the past. Then he only heard it from time to time but since living here with her it’s getting a bit too much. Lees voort “Fairy Rider – Chapter 2”

Fairy Rider – Prologue and Chapter 1

Fairy Rider by Leonie Roderick


She calls out to him and he immediately dreams he wakes up. He jumps out of bed with a laugh, follows her into the fantasy.
In this state between sleep and wakefulness real problems don’t exist – the chronological order of events is never important.
Like tonight, he can jump from his bed in a suburb in a big city right into the woods, where she waits and takes him each time. Lees voort “Fairy Rider – Prologue and Chapter 1”



Dear readers I have very exciting news…. I plan to share full length novels on my blog written by a very special writer who gave me consent to share her work on my blog. Very soon Book 1 will be shared here …. The book’s name is Fairy Rider and it is awesome. I plan to share a chapter each day or second day.

Prepare for a wonderful journey into the world of fantasy by a South-African novelist.

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