'n venster na 'n ander wêreld



Some Numbers Remain

some numbers remain
some numbers remain

I have forgotten how to count on,
all the promises
you have given me
I have forgotten the numbers Continue reading “Some Numbers Remain”


static wonders mesmerize

static wonders mesmerize
static wonders mesmerize

fill me with death fill me with sand fill me with everything you don’t understand fill me with pain let me be your grave Continue reading “static wonders mesmerize”

Whisper of an awakening…


I made a video of one of my poems… Continue reading “Whisper of an awakening…”


Broken silences rain on concrete hearts
cracked walls still hold vigil Continue reading “Rise”

Out of my closet

Hello, I am wolfie. As you know a lot of people has to climb out of the closet and admit who they are. Some thin people wish they were overweight, and some overweight people wish they were thin. Some people call themselves fat. I have never seen a fat person in my life as fat is an ingredient. Continue reading “Out of my closet”

I never became

I could have been something
but I am glad I never became
I could have been a clone
in some god’s social experiment Continue reading “I never became”

Whispers in a room…

A Room                   (Click Here for Easter Eggs)


seraphim of night

I know the taste of an angel
I know the weeping of the rain Continue reading “seraphim of night”

Whispers and Voices

Echospasms Part 1 ‘Voices’              (Click here for easter eggs) 

All music and poetry in the video is my work. The music I wrote long ago under the artistic name Chrystovarr D’annan when I was part of the band Disciples of Sorrow.

More information about the poem can be found by clicking the link just under the video.

Whispers of a Dirty Perch

Dirty Perch          (Click Here for Easter Eggs)

we die and our lovers are left behind

we die and our lovers are left behind
we die each day when we change Continue reading “we die and our lovers are left behind”

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