'n venster na 'n ander wêreld



Have you ever seen the shadows dance

Have you ever seen the shadows dance
between the cracks in the wall?
have you focused your eyes
into that small hole in the garden wall? Continue reading “Have you ever seen the shadows dance”


Afrikaans met Mag – ‘n Kiewiet en ‘n Plaashek

Ons Taal is ‘n lewendige taal. Maar ons skeep dit soms af. Continue reading “Afrikaans met Mag – ‘n Kiewiet en ‘n Plaashek”

driving in circles


driving in circles, searching for a way
to make sense of every day, empty space
round and round sitting shotgun in the car
the driver is economy and it is robbing me
even if there is an answer it is too far away
and the circles we are riding in
is sucking the gas from the tank in my heart Continue reading “driving in circles”

vir ‘n augustus wind

jy wat by my kamervenster weenroep
soos ‘n banshee in die donker nag
wat tak-vir-tak teen my venster klop
soos ‘n tokkelosgedrog wat wag Continue reading “vir ‘n augustus wind”

doctor, who?

the scent of senseless social suicides
hang like the bouquet of spilt beer fallen to the floor
the lost days of lost men ripples in the memory
and the good old days are no more Continue reading “doctor, who?”

ashes ashes


strange shadows creeping up on me
a ruined city whimpers grim
grey clouds bear witness over me
the forecasts lied on a whim Continue reading “ashes ashes”

die pad

‘Man is fully responsible for his nature and his choices.’ Jean-Paul Sartre

daar is ‘n pad vir elke siel
om te loop op die lewens wiel
(vir elkeen sal die wiel draai)
elke keuse is vir elke man Continue reading “die pad”

Tragic Skies

under tragic blue skies
you threw words like stones at me
you said it was my fault Continue reading “Tragic Skies”

Somewhere between us


I lie alone in bed at night
winter’s cold howling outside
warm in my bed I take in the ambient noise
I remember us
somewhere between us Continue reading “Somewhere between us”


‘Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away’
Linkin Park  ‘In The End’


The light of dawn calls me
from the warmth of my bed
my eyes red and heavy
and my mouth tastes like death Continue reading “Somnia”

Real men don’t burn, Love

I just saw someone on youtube burning the Quran and it sickness me. I would never burn something someone holds sacred. I am not a Christian, I am not a Muslim, nor an atheist. I see myself as a heathen and I want to be respected. How can we respect ourselves, our beliefs, our country if we step on something another person holds sacred?   Continue reading “Real men don’t burn, Love”

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