'n venster na 'n ander wêreld



Somewhere between us


I lie alone in bed at night
winter’s cold howling outside
warm in my bed I take in the ambient noise
I remember us
somewhere between us Continue reading “Somewhere between us”


‘Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away’
Linkin Park  ‘In The End’


The light of dawn calls me
from the warmth of my bed
my eyes red and heavy
and my mouth tastes like death Continue reading “Somnia”

Real men don’t burn, Love

I just saw someone on youtube burning the Quran and it sickness me. I would never burn something someone holds sacred. I am not a Christian, I am not a Muslim, nor an atheist. I see myself as a heathen and I want to be respected. How can we respect ourselves, our beliefs, our country if we step on something another person holds sacred?   Continue reading “Real men don’t burn, Love”


I have had many a broken wing
fell many a time from the skies
I have crawled until I healed Continue reading “Soar”


The chills of night set in
time for an awakening
the cold porous, beneath my skin
my coffin opens, time to begin Continue reading “Kissed”

Distance of night

In worlds, far away
It is still night
And I still will pray
To see again your light Continue reading “Distance of night”

As the crow flies

Winter brought Her promises
And yet there is no snow
Just silent nights of solaces
And truths that flow
As oblivious eyes watch
Continue reading “As the crow flies”


(Nota: Die gedig dra ek op aan my pragtige nefie Donnovan, een van die mooiste mense wat ek ken, die gedig gaan nie oor hom nie en oor hom, dit gaan oor ons almal)

ragfyn waar oë net blindlangs staar
lynne tussen elke siel
jy ken dalk iemand wat iemand (wat ek ken) ook ken
almal van ons gekonnekteer Continue reading “verbind”

Tales of Wolves, Spiders and Weeping Gods

Sharing a few of my older and smaller poems… just because

Between the shadow and the wolf

between the shadow and the wolf
an ancient Path there be
and mirrors are but shadows
if that wolf is me…
Continue reading “Tales of Wolves, Spiders and Weeping Gods”

The Irony of memory

yesterday we had a fist full of tears
yesterday we coloured it with kool aid
and the monsters started to disappear
yesterday we said hello to god Continue reading “The Irony of memory”

Winter Reverie II

the acrimonious sun
tries its best
to bring a scintilla
of heat
to me today Continue reading “Winter Reverie II”

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