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Gender Health

There is something very off to me with the term ‘gender-neutral’ when it involves children. Lees voort “Gender Health”


#PleaseStepIn #LightTheWay

We’re all victims, we’re all survivors, but we can choose to be stuck in playing the victim or we can fly out of our darkness as survivors and light the way for others. Lees voort “#PleaseStepIn #LightTheWay”

#GrowingAChild (just add water)

Someone told me the other day, ‘Wolfie, you are a wise man. Tell me wisdom about raising a child.’. Lees voort “#GrowingAChild (just add water)”

#HalaalTaboo #ALittleRespect

Taboo can be unreasonable. A few years ago I met a woman that does not buy canned products etc that has Halaal symbols on them because “Those products are from Muslim factories and if you buy Halaal products you are supporting terrorism”. Her words, not mine. Lees voort “#HalaalTaboo #ALittleRespect”

Suffer, the children…

Fear for your children… there are evil forces out there. Lees voort “Suffer, the children…”

Satire for Satyrs

Someone said they are not voting because all politicians are corrupted. Isn’t that, even more, an incentive to vote? By voting YOU have the power to choose WHO you want to be corrupted. Lees voort “Satire for Satyrs”

A Wolfie reveals a secret

There is more to a person than meets the eye. I am going to reveal a secret to you. Lees voort “A Wolfie reveals a secret”


My beautiful orange cat, Pikachu, only five months old, was poisoned by someone in our neighbourhood. He died right in front of me yesterday and there was nothing I could do.  His mom, my cat Arrow pleaded with me to help Pikachu and I tried my best but it was too late. I know death well, I know the signs because my mother died in front of me and once I tried to save a man’s life and he died in front of me… A cat dying is the same… We all die the same… Our other cat, Rinkhals disappeared last night. I have no words… She is probably dead too… Lees voort “Pikachu”

The Force is with you?

“Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.”
-Obi-Wan Kenobi(Episode VI: Return of the Jedi)

One of the worst things we can ever throw away is our sense of wonder. If we cannot wake up each day and allow ourselves a moment of wonder how dull and boring will we become? When I wake up, every day I spend a moment, spanning from 15 minutes to an hour looking for something new and exciting. I go to YouTube and type in a word and see where the videos lead me. Lees voort “The Force is with you?”


“Go then, there are other worlds than these.”
― Stephen King, The Gunslinger

What is perception? If we live in a box our whole lives without crawling out and learning about the world do we just become cardboard versions of ourselves. There is so much more to see than the limitations set to us by the world we grew up in. Lees voort “Perceptions”

A time to bless

Tomorrow is Summer Solstice for us Pagans in the South, and Winter Solstice for the Pagans in the North. I wonder how many Christians, Muslims etc will wish us a Blessed Solstice…

I wonder how many of us Pagans, will wish the Christians Merry Christmas. Lees voort “A time to bless”

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