'n venster na 'n ander wêreld


Beauty in the darkness

If I could turn into myself

Skin and bone,
my prison of alone
hidden skindeep Lees voort “If I could turn into myself”

Whispers and Voices

Echospasms Part 1 ‘Voices’              (Click here for easter eggs) 

All music and poetry in the video is my work. The music I wrote long ago under the artistic name Chrystovarr D’annan when I was part of the band Disciples of Sorrow.

More information about the poem can be found by clicking the link just under the video.

Whispers of a Dirty Perch

Dirty Perch          (Click Here for Easter Eggs)

answers will come

it’s a spiralling world
filled with light and darkness
we rise and fall
are we hearts of stone
or hearts in flight?
do we evolve? Lees voort “answers will come”


“Look at that woman, she is so old”
“That man looks so boring”
“Ugh, her tattoos makes her look like a hooligan”
“His nose is so big, God I can’t look away”

We judge people. We do not look for beauty, we look for flaws. Lees voort “#WeAreBeautiful”

Miracle girl

She opens her heart
like a rose in bloom
she’s darker than black
in midnight’s room
pale skin like bleached bones
embraced in sunlight
my miracle girl, painted
in shades of twilight…

She is poetry in visions
pictures in words
she’s everything made of wishes
she’s my miracle girl…

(c) 2012 allen simpson

Art: Death and Dream from the Sandman comics

Prayer of Light

2015-02-01 11.39.53

Mother Light
take this child and bring her peace
take her pain to distant seas
let her not swim in the ocean of despair
lead her from sorrow’s lair…

Mother Light
let her tears become diamonds of hope
let her smile become real
let her soul be washed in joy
lead her from sorrow’s lair…

Mater Noster
O quam sancta
quam serena
quam amoena
o Sacra Mater
Mater Noster
Gloria in vitae
Beatus in Vitae
aeturnum est!

(c) 2016 allen simpson

Inspired by Mayu from Elfen Lied
Photo taken in Cullinan

rise up, my darling

rise up, on the wings of an angel, darling
soar the aquamarine sky
feel the kisses of the wind, my honey
as we spread our wings and fly

there are no doubts in our hearts
just the truth in the you and the I
dance with me on the head a pin, my angel
until the heavens cry

I will pour myself on you
like a gentle summer rain
we will get lost in our love my darling
until the deserts are filled with rain

rise up, on the wings of an angel, darling
soar the aquamarine sky
feel the kisses of the wind, my honey
as we spread our wings and fly

(c) 2016 Allen Simpson

Inspired by the anime Sword Art Online (see Picture) and romance of course

Sometimes I feel the moon

sometimes I feel the moon
sometimes I feel the moon

sometimes I feel the moon
when I am human but not human
when I am a wolf but not a wolf
I feel the moon

sometimes I feel drawn
to that pale round skeletal pearl in the sky
in the quiet night when all is asleep
and the silence echoes until you feel deaf
I look up to that pearl
something in me breaks loose
a howl builds up
I call to the moon
dogs in the neighborhood joins in
we sing
gooseflesh ripples on my skin
I feel the change

sometimes I feel the moon
when I am human but a wolf
when I am a wolf but human
I feel the moon

my feet died, now my paws run on the grass
my tail whips in the air behind me
my nose smells things the human nose never knew
my ears hear pitches long lost to human ears.

my what big ears I got – better to hear a deer
I run to look for it
soon I find I am not alone
a pack hunts with me
we see the deer
we hunt…

In the morning I wake up naked, pink, human
and I miss the moon

Even then sometimes I feel the moon
when I am human and the wolf sleeps
when the wolf sleeps and I am fragile
I still feel the moon…

(c) 2016 Allen Simpson

dedicated to my wolfkin

Anti-Gravity syndrome

You feel it
and pull away
emotions leading
you astray
this moment you are
but somehow
you drift away

you are a firefly
in a freak wind
you are in an
anti-gravity situation
you are the random thought
scattered in frequencies

you pull away
yet you want to stay
you want to drown
you want to breathe
you want an anchor
but the fact remains…

anti-gravity syndrome…

copyrighted (c) 2013 Allen Simpson

You are beautiful

“You are a soul, wearing a meat suit. How you look does not define you. You are not fat, you have fat. Do not let petty words define the beauty of you, who you really are. Be healthy, be you, be a soul not a label. You are beautiful.”

with love,


Copyright (c) 2016 Allen ‘Wolfie’ Simpson


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