'n venster na 'n ander wêreld


Beauty in the darkness

Anti-Gravity syndrome

You feel it
and pull away
emotions leading
you astray
this moment you are
but somehow
you drift away

you are a firefly
in a freak wind
you are in an
anti-gravity situation
you are the random thought
scattered in frequencies

you pull away
yet you want to stay
you want to drown
you want to breathe
you want an anchor
but the fact remains…

anti-gravity syndrome…

copyrighted (c) 2013 Allen Simpson

You are beautiful

“You are a soul, wearing a meat suit. How you look does not define you. You are not fat, you have fat. Do not let petty words define the beauty of you, who you really are. Be healthy, be you, be a soul not a label. You are beautiful.”

with love,


Copyright (c) 2016 Allen ‘Wolfie’ Simpson


No new dawn for me

woven are the days into night
broken are the patterns devoid of light
dusk I begin to rise but for me, dawn has died
no new dawn for me just an eternal night

waking from the shadows far from the day
outside I am sure the light shines
but its flames will just burn me away
it is not as if I turned from the sun

a sanguine kiss caressed my being
I became lost to light, into the night
days and blue sky flutter by
dusk is all I have, no new dawn for me

(c) 2016 Allen Simpson
hehehehe another vampire poem

Photo was taken at Irene Concentration Camp Cemetary
Photo by Hanneliese Bredell
Photo redesign by Allen Simpson



I went to church looking for You,
But did not find You,
I read every book and scripture,
They spoke of you,
But You were not there,
I spoke with a million men,
They thought they had You,
They would not share You,
At me, they threw stones
And wished me to hell
Under a tree in the shadows
I rested and called out Your Name
And I looked into my heart
And realized,
You were there all along.

Hail to the Queen!


(C) 2013 Allen Simpson

Photo by Hanneliese Bredell and Allen Simpson


one ring

What if Alice went down the Hobbit hole instead
would she still say it’s a dream and paint Middle Earth red
would Sauron yell at her ‘Off with your head’

would she make a nifty nose ring
with Precious hanging snug from her nostril
giving poor Gollum an eerie chill

Would she smoke pipe with Gandalf
and drink all Frodo’s Brandywine
throw old Saruman a rude sign

What if Alice went down the Hobbit hole
and Smaug ate her with crackers and bread
but these are just my thoughts, my pet
dream on my words
I know it’s absurd
but now you might not get these thoughts
out of your head…

(c) 2013 allen simpson
with apologies to Lewis Caroll and Tolkien



come with me, my love
into my shrine of truth
let me show you, caress you
bring light to your darkness

the night only hold shadows
darkness are but myth to the Love Divine
be my queen and dance me in pale moonlight

slowly creeping away are the sadness
rhythm, whispers, beating out our names
in my cloak of mystery I’ll embrace you
seek me, dream me, feed with me the night

evil will begone, sadness will fade away
our shadows will make beautiful dance tonight
we are the wonder, creatures of the night…

(c) 2013 allen simpson
inspired by my photo

tree of life

voortrekker monument

the tree of life is love
we are the leaves
we are the branches
if we do not grow
we fall off
but new sprouts comes forth
the tree will never die
as long as there is love

love cannot be put
into a holy book
love cannot be put
into a stone
love lives in the heart of me
as long as my heart beats with you
you carry a little part of me

the universe is vast
but so small compared to love
if you count all the starts
they will only be equal
to the smallest drop of love

the tree of life is love
we are the leaves
we are the branches
we are the roots of the only truth

and the truth is…

without love we are dead and empty

live, let live, love

(c) 2013 allen simpson



melancholy seeps through my cracks
drips through the windows of my soul
strips me bare to the marrow in my bones

i crave that journey to that terra incognito
that never-seen-before place I yearn for
that breath of mystery that lies before me

i am like the donkey being led with a carrot
ever following this dream
and this dream is like a fey-light
just as i grasp it at last
in fades away

i am in a state of fernweh,
everseeking my next home…

(c) allen simpson
fernweh (German) (n) a longing to travel, missing a place you have never been

Photo Copyright (c) allen simpson & Hanneliese Bredell

contract with the soul

life is not just to survive
life is about being alive
it is a contact with the soul
and the small print is too easily forgotten
there in states:
“Yes, you must learn from mistakes
attain wisdom no-matter how long it takes”
but also written almost hidden
because of the opinionated eye
there is also written:
“Find what makes you happy
try to live a life with no regret
and always try to take your smile to bed.
When the contact ends and you die
even with that last breath
rise above all dark dusty thoughts
and soar….
So live life to the fullest
forgive yourself and others
and find small even inconsequential little things
to smile about…”
If only we would read that part
but alas, our eyes have forgotten sometimes
how to read with the beating loving heart….

(c) 2015 Allen Simpson

Photo taken at the Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria

Photo Copyrighted to Hanneliese Bredell and Allen Simpson

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