'n venster na 'n ander wêreld


Dark Romance

Love at Dusk

Lees voort “Love at Dusk”

running with the moon

broken city broken streets
city lights on repeat
up in the sky, the moon is calling
shining its light as if it’s falling Lees voort “running with the moon”

Evermore invitation (an urban fantasy)

a maiden at her mirror stands,
her worries painted on her face
she calls out in her heart
with hope Lees voort “Evermore invitation (an urban fantasy)”



a poem by Allen Wolfie Simpson & Hanneliese Bredell

“we’ve taken it to the end with every waking moment we face this silent torment”
– London After Midnight ‘Sacrifice’

Because you are Midnight
And i am Mauve Lees voort “Because…”


The chills of night set in
time for an awakening
the cold porous, beneath my skin
my coffin opens, time to begin Lees voort “Kissed”

The Other Side of Rhyme: Mad Girl’s Love Song

Sometimes there is a mood. Today there is a mood, and I feel like sharing something beautiful. Lees voort “The Other Side of Rhyme: Mad Girl’s Love Song”

Miracle girl

She opens her heart
like a rose in bloom
she’s darker than black
in midnight’s room
pale skin like bleached bones
embraced in sunlight
my miracle girl, painted
in shades of twilight…

She is poetry in visions
pictures in words
she’s everything made of wishes
she’s my miracle girl…

(c) 2012 allen simpson

Art: Death and Dream from the Sandman comics

Breaking point

Selling dreams to enslave – I am not
burning pains, giving rot – No I’m not

I am the candle flame
that whispers your name
I am the crave, you need
I am the object of your greed

I take you to your breaking point
oh where, you know my secret name
and you live in my flame, dear one…

Will I give you pain
or receive it in your game?
I am your fantasy
your darkest plea, oh…

I take you to your breaking point
there where you know my secret name
oh, and I love your game
so take me…

breaking point,
you annoint me with your love
and there I loose myself in you…
breaking point,
you toy with my flame
and there I burn within you…

(c) 2012 allen simpson

Photo taken at Pilgrim’s Rest

Photo Copyright (c) Allen SImpson & Hanneliese Bredell

Two thoughts of Shining Darkness

Ultra-Violet Angel

Ultra-Violet Angel

they said, only good is light,
then, I must be ultra-violet
a colour that you cannot see
yet a light, a mystery
I pray for peace
and healing of disease
I weep with the desolate and the loneliness
I spread my wings of faith
to surround you when you’re in a bad place
like infra-red and ultra-violet
only if you seek my beauty
you will find it in the dark.

Love only gazes through rose-tinted glasses

Love only gazes through rose-tinted glasses
love is red like my love for you
so take a glance through my rose-tinted glasses
and amidst the thorns you will see my heart like a rose in bloom

(c) 2014 Allen ‘Wolfie’ Simpson

I felt like writing Gothic poetry and like putting my make-up to good use for a change.  Yes these photos are selfies but they are done in an artistic manner to share in the poetic effect

Love only gazes

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