'n venster na 'n ander wêreld




Burning tires
Shopping fires
Ashes dancing in the wind
The fruits of xenophobia
And lit hands that forgot God Lees voort “Joyful”

the sum of our tears

The sum of our tears
are too vast
to work out
in mathematical terms
We have lost
so much
we are tired
our open-wound-souls yearn Lees voort “the sum of our tears”

Tragic Skies

under tragic blue skies
you threw words like stones at me
you said it was my fault Lees voort “Tragic Skies”

beware the blade

she is wearing a sad face and she remembers the storm
there were thousands of voices hiding in the corn
the dark was clouded as clouded as his heart
her prayers got lost that night in the aethers of an afterthought Lees voort “beware the blade”

Murder me

Murder me, strangle me with love and
torture me, whip me with your heart and
bite me, leave on me bleeding signs of love and
set me free, bind my hands and feet and
murder me with love.

Let my blood, sate your carnal hunger and
taste my love, let me end your thirst and
make my blood, your monument of lust and
murder me, with love.

Strangle me, hug me with love,
burn me, with passion burning from inside,
shoot me, with the arrows of your love and
murder me, you make me feel alive and

when our bodies spend and broken,
sated lust words never spoken,
in your arms, my sweet,
your murder victim I, will feel our hearts beat as one,
then murder me again for fun.
The sweet secrecy,
you and me,

(c)2011 allen simpson

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