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Dracula, an extract

Bela Lugosi who played Dracula many moons ago
Bela Lugosi who played Dracula many moons ago

At first I could not believe my eyes. I thought it was some trick of the moonlight, some weird effect of shadow; but I kept looking, and it could be no delusion. I saw the fingers and toes grasp the corners of the stones, worn clear of the mortar by the stress of years, and by thus using every projection and inequality move downwards with considerable speed, just as a lizard moves along a wall. Lees voort “Dracula, an extract”

Fairy Rider (The Final Chapters)

Fairy Rider by Leonie Roderick

Chapter 25

The dreaded call comes early on an ordinary Wednesday morning.

Peacy is the first to notice the white vans on his way to Dillon.  Using the cell phone, he makes the call.  Dillon listens attentively.  The enemy will never know what the innocent message means.  The message is simple.  The medicine Dillon wanted for Darling isn’t available. Lees voort “Fairy Rider (The Final Chapters)”

Fairy Rider Chapter 23 to 24

Fairy Rider by Leonie Roderick

Chapter 23
Peacy and his mother set the ball rolling. Sara arrives at the offices of Home Affairs early Monday morning. There she talks to her cousin who is now working in the important position as one of the official clerks.
She is led to an office where her nephew is waiting for her. Lees voort “Fairy Rider Chapter 23 to 24”

Fairy Rider Chapter 22

Fairy Rider by Leonie Roderick

Chapter 22
Elva leads him, like in the old days, to their favourite place. Only this time it’s for real. They walk through the thick undergrowth and he can hear the brushes crackling underfoot and feel the branches brush his arms as he passes them. Lees voort “Fairy Rider Chapter 22”

Fairy Rider Chapter 20 and 21

Fairy Rider by Leonie Roderick


Chapter 20
It is Sunday and Dillon rolls out of bed and lazily makes his way to the kitchen where his parents are already busy attending to breakfast.
“You stayed out late last night. It reminded me of exam-time when I always felt you hadn’t slept enough,” Meav tells him. Lees voort “Fairy Rider Chapter 20 and 21”

Fairy Rider Chapter 18 and 19

Fairy Rider By Leonie Roderick


Chapter 18

Dillon and Peacy are busy with Darling when they hear a car approaching.  Both stop working and look up.  The car which drives up to the front door is unknown to Dillon.

Peacy, who has grown up in the district and knows all there is to know about the occupants, immediately says:

“It’s those Baintree cousins.  Some of my people call them the Siamese-twins.  Where one is the other one will also pop up!  They are never far apart.  My mother once said she fears if one of them should fall in love – she believes the other one will go mad.” Lees voort “Fairy Rider Chapter 18 and 19”

Fairy Rider Chapter 17

Fairy Rider By Leonie Roderick



Chapter 17

Peacy’s solutions to the problems Dillon gave him before his appointment with Delia O’Shea are neatly arranged on his desk.

He glances at them and nods approvingly before sitting down heavily on his bed.

He has met Dream-Girl – but also encountered a can of worms. She gave him so much to think about – worry about. She has an unshakeable belief in him and his powers – more than he has. Lees voort “Fairy Rider Chapter 17”

Fairy Rider Chapter 15 and 16

Fairy Rider by Leonie Roderick



Chapter 15

Dillon rides over to Delia O’Shea as he said he would. He takes a short cut through the dry veld. At the fence he stops, wondering how he is going to get Darling to the other side. He dismounts and examines the situation. Could he do what he saw a man doing once in a movie? Between posts he pulls the fence up and let it lay on the ground. Luckily this fence is old and sags a little. He should tell his father and ask him to see to a new fence. After today it might not be possible to go over to Land’s End again. With care he leads Darling over the wires lying in the grass. He doesn’t want Darling to get hurt from the wires lying at odd angles. Fences are there to be respected and not to be ignored. Once on the other side he secures Darling to a branch and pulls the fence back into its original upright position

Today, he feels the grave is calling to him and not the twin peaks. He rides around the mound and slides down from Darling. Slowly, he walks over the cultivated lawn and stops in front of the marble slab. Once more, he reads the simple words.

Elva Fionnghualla Lees voort “Fairy Rider Chapter 15 and 16”

Fairy Rider Chapters 13 -14

Fairy Rider By Leonie Roderick



.Chapter 13

Dillon calls the horse – not that the horse is listening. But as soon as he holds out the piece of bread heaped with fish-paste the horse lifts his head and it looks as if he is sniffing the air before trotting up to the two boys. Lees voort “Fairy Rider Chapters 13 -14”

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