'n venster na 'n ander wêreld



My word!

I take up the pen or the keyboard
and I share –
words of wisdom
words of love
longing and sadness. Lees voort “My word!”

Virtual Sublime

virual sublime


She touches me so gently,
her hands instruments of tortured bliss
(that kiss)
across my fevered soul.

Into the virtual sublime.

She yields me like a key to
gates of sanctity,
she takes me into a consciousness,
higher, higher than ecstasy.

Into virtual sublime.

Until we burned out,
husks empty of the act,


She is the honey in the beehive
she is so pure decadent
she is the sin of sweet tempattion
sublime, she is
virtually all I exist for

My key turns in the lock
the gates are open
into her deepest consciousness,
higher, higher than ecstasy.

we burned out,
we fade…
into virtual sublime

(c) 2016 Allen Simpson
Part 1 written in 2011, part 2 in 2016

Poet’s Note:

For two weeks we had no landline nor internet in our suburb and after more than 12 phone calls we finally have internet again. During the two weeks without internet I reworked this poem and created the art for the poem… I hope you like the end result because this was born from that lack of communication to the outside world.

I suppose one good thing came out of two frustrating weeks of no landlines and no internet

Two Hearts

two hearts

Two hearts…

There are two hearts

the one a lump of blood and muscles
a disgusting necessity

the other is born each time we meet
and come to love each other
as friends, as lovers, as family
it grows outside the body
it is fragile
it can be broken
and if we are lucky, it can be mended

I will give my heart a thousand times
every time its born…
I believe in hope….

(c) 2013 allen simpson
breathe hope, live love

the unseen beauty of nothings

Waiting for the fall
expecting to hear the smash on the floor
because something is about to break
I can feel it bursting through me

and do you remember my name
and the days we bled into each other
and do you recall a time
where nothing were fixed
and we were just non-linear at heart

silent oceans become maelstroms
without you nearby
to teach me the fickle little things
we all discard so easily

and do you remember the game
where we hide in plain sight
do you remember we were nowhere
but everywhere all the same
the unseen beauty of nothing
faded from me

and if my sin is to miss you
a divine angel must be crying
as it writes my sin in its books
its feathers must be falling
and another piece of me dying
in weathered pages in the book
of our unseen beauty of nothings

(c) 2015 allen simpson
inspired by Dreadful Shadows and The 69 Eyes


in the reverie of my hourly ink utterance
i am swept away in the blink of my eye
by words that swirl like a maelstrom
like a verbal rush that devours my soul
and it is like being astrally linked to beings
beyond understanding and comprehension
in the vocal mess of my consciousness
there is a part of me still calling my name
but this vast ocean of thought makes me drown
in captivating bliss and in this eternal ebb and flow
i seek no escape, this metromania is my gift, my curse, my everything

and i feel alive

(c) 2015 Allen Simpson


St. Georges Anglican church
St. Georges Anglican church

Die kerkie

Klip tot klip
bloed, sweet
noukierig gemeet
‘n gebou net om te weet
daar is ‘n plek om te bid
‘n geloofsbesit
word volk’s skatkis

hoe lank gaan jy nog staan
as my Moederland agter uit gaan?

(c) 2015 allen simpson
(Die St. Georges Anglican Church was deur die Britse argitek Herbert Baker ontwerp. Dit was gebou in 1904)

kerk 2

‘Mag die een wat sonder sonde is, die eerste klip gooi…’

die klippie vlieg uit die hand
gegooi oor die diep diep dam
twee keer tref-tref hy die water
tot hy vir ewig sink
maar dink…
daar waar die klippie tref..
word kringe op die dam gebore
hulle word groter en groter…

ek hou ‘n klip in my hand
met hom kan ek moor
met hom kan ek seer
maar ek verf my klippie wit
met genade waarvoor ek bid…
en iewers word my woorde
omgesit in vlerke
en vlerke word hoop
en kringe word gebore
wat uitreik na my Godin se ore,
en liefde word ‘n wit klippie
op die altaar van haar hart.
‘n sondeklippie sonder sonde
‘n gebedsgeskenk sonder sonde…

‘So Mote it be…’

(c) 2012 allen simpson

kerk 3

Mirror of Stains.

I look in the mirror
between the stains I see,
you are there…
a wingless angel
a beacon of hope amidst the despair…

crow’s feet crown your eyes with wisdom
weathered skin tells of hard paths, walked
Hair grey of silent witness
of how life’s tales unfolded…

distant memories, written in stains
distant visions, distorted remains
old pleasures to haunt the flesh
oh the spirit always willing, I confess…

mirrors never lie
even in stains
perfection is still a lie…
my angel…

(c) 2012 allen Simpson
inspired by ‘Amok’ and ‘O Brother Sleep’ by the band DIARY OF DREAMS.

kerk 4

Koffie kringe

op die hout tafel
die tafel met diep snye
van gisters se vleis kerf
tamaties halveer
en oupa se sigaretbrandkolle
songebak op die agterstoep
wink ‘n duisend koffie kringe
van tye toe ons nog
familievas was
toe ons nog kersdae saam
een-volkig uit volle hart
saam gesing het

nou is daar nie meer nuwe
op die tafel nie
gelukkige gisters
het koffiekolle van onthou geword
wat die knop in die keel
swaar laat afsluk

my volk waar is jou familie?
waar is jou ouers?
waar is jou kinders?
is ‘airtime’ te veel vir liefde…

(c) 2012 allen simpson

(c) 2015 allen simpson
Dankie alweer Hanneliese wat model gespeel het vir my foto

Die Gedig ‘ Mirror of Stains kom uit my eerste bundel ‘Tales From the Flow’

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