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Lockup letter

Interesting that the number of suicides in South Africa has not been mentioned anywhere but it has been confirmed from a reliable source in the crime scene cleanup industry that their cleanups after suicides have increased drastically.

Lees voort “Lockup letter”


Sleeping in Cars
Sleeping in Cars

Sleeping in cars

A home is not broken
if you are sleeping in cars Lees voort “#SleepingInCars”

static wonders mesmerize

static wonders mesmerize
static wonders mesmerize

fill me with death fill me with sand fill me with everything you don’t understand fill me with pain let me be your grave Lees voort “static wonders mesmerize”

Butterfly in a jar

She feels like a butterfly in a killing jar
Being watched before the torture
Her wings have lost its gleam
Nothing is as it seems
Her mother forces her to succeed
There is no time to play a child’s game
Before she is ten she will be abused
Into being a beauty queen
More times than she can remember

One day her mother will find
A blood-soaked letter
Next to her pretty face:

‘Now I am free of you, mother’

(C) 2013 allen simpson
Some toddlers and pre-teens are being forced into beauty pageants to feed their parents greed. They forget to play and be children, as their mother/father rips the child’s youth away.

Often these children commit suicide…

This is based on a true story… It is a sick world we all live in.

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Dear Old Friend


You know I went through a dark patch
I saw in your eyes you knew
yet, I did not blame you
when you did not offer me any word of encouragement
offer to say any prayer
you have your own problems
you had that dog that crapped on your lawn
and the death of my son is not your concern
you did not tell me it’s okay to cry
when I wept you rolled your eye
I am sure a gnat was in it
and you just tried to get it out
I looked for a friendly face
when I was in a dark place
at the funeral
I understand that you couldn’t be there for me
you needed to return your rented DVD
when I phoned you last night
asking if you could come over
you had a headache
I understand
I leave you this message on your phone
I bought a gun
thought you might have fun
hearing my voice one last time
I am so alone
can’t take it anymore

(c) 2013 allen simpson

the moral is, it is sometimes the little things that can prevent a tragedy. Always listen, look when you know someone is down. You might save a life by being a friend.

thank the Gods I have friends

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