'n venster na 'n ander wêreld


Desember 2018

Sold out

Sold my soul for a slice of happiness
My little happiness in slavery
Misguided bravery
Nothing changes, stays the same

Sold my belief to the ‘greater good’
Believed good days will come again
Guess they got lost in the chaos
The chaos shitpool called life

Sold my art to empty promises
To that dark abyss
I trusted so much it stained my core
Oh you magnificent vultures
Oh you evil whores
Peck at me and devour me
You had me for entré and main course
No, please, with my blessing
Have my empty bones for dessert
I hope you choke on me
I hope now that I am fucking free
I hope respite from my misery

My magnificent vultures
My beautiful whores
My dears that ate away my ambitions
I accept oblivion
And damn you all to hell

(C) 2018 Allen Wolfie Simpson

Attention / Aandag

Due to loadshedding my motherboard fried. I will return when I can get my computer fixed. Thank you Eskom for breaking our electronic appliances one loadshedding at a time.

Te danke aan beurtkrag het my rekenaar se moederbord gebreek. Sodra ek dit kan tegemaak kry is ek terug. Dankie Eskom dat jy ons elektriese toebehore breek met elke beurtkrag.


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