'n venster na 'n ander wêreld


Mei 2014

Max the feeling

Your heart is beating, like a runaway train,
it’s left the station, running on pain.
And I say no worries, and you disagree,
you max the feeling, and it’s hurting me.

You stand on the edge, off an abysmal ravine,
‘Look up’ I plead, but you’re going for green.
I wish you would reconsider, but you shake your head,
your resolve won’t waiver,
your future is set.

If you give up, give up
please choose life
if you give in, give in
you’ll pay the price.

Hollow words are your excuses
desperation, leave you clueless
regret, please understand
strength only comes, in hope’s giving hand.

don’t give up, give up
life is the right choice
don’t give in, give in
to that evil fucking little voice
hold on, hold on and be free
fight and you’ll see
you’ll beat misery…

(c) 2012 allen simpson

An old poem of mine, dusted off and revamped
inspired by Alphaville and Tears for Fears



Preacher said:’Drink your cool drink, children, were going to the promised land.’
There were so many little corpses, God, I don’t understand.’

how could they just drink poison
trusting God to save them
lives that could have changed the world,
ended so easily because they did
what he told.

Where in any holy books, did Any God approve
mass suicide…?

(sometimes religion smells like death)

Where did they come to the decision
to end their lives, where did reason…
fail them?
Senselessness is not a part of any God
but people like to listen to rot
believe in a preacher as if he’s a key
how the fuck couldn’t they see through
just one man?

one man to kill the lambs
to corrupt a faith
to corrupt a flock
to bash innocence like a snake
to a rock…


(c) 2012 allen simpson

This is an old poem, reworked….
Google reverend Jim Jones, the heaven’s gate cult, religious suicide…
A Shepard should guard his flock, not end them…


here is an article to start you off :

Jeff Wayne feat. Gary Barlow – Forever Autumn


The summer sun is fading as the year grows old,
and darker days are drawing near,
the winter winds will be much colder,
now you’re not here. Lees voort “Jeff Wayne feat. Gary Barlow – Forever Autumn”

the Flame


Pass along the flame of belief
to those who need a touch of kindness
Pass along this flame to the sick
that healing may come
Pass along this flame of hope
to all who need this in this dark night
Let the light of hope bring them
to dance with us again
Let this flame bring healing
to those who are in pain
Let this flame remind us that
we are all sisters and brothers
in times of darkness
and of light
Pass along this flame
and the strength of prayer and believe
Pass along this flame because
it is greater to give (even just a gesture a hope)
than it is to receive.

(c) 2014 allen simpson

For all who needs the flame or all who knows some one in need of hope pass it to them with love.
)0( Goddess bless

Choose your poison

The Media and News are evil and feed us junk we do not need to know, thus I read up on the environment and the things that really matter like how to keep our planet healthy.

Earth is the only planet we have and is more important that some stupid celebrity’s baby. We will not even remember most celebrities when they age, but we will remember a place where we held picnic with someone we loved, we will remember the smell of spring and we will remember the immense joy of holding our own children or baby brothers and sisters in our arms.

Screw Oscar’s murder trail and the Angelina’s 900th baby, let’s find solutions to things that is facing the Earth, Humanity and all the creatures we share this beautiful world with. Let’s be Life Conscious instead of unconscious to what is happening in this world. Let’s Live.

My name is Allen Simpson and I choose life. 


(c) 2014 allen simpson

Twilight at the gates

twilight ember’s twinkling in the sky
the gatekeeper is at the gate
he opens his book and finds a name
he calls you out to play the game

there is a rush in the air
a sense of mystic wonder to some
and to some the whispers of despair
as it comes near to find the lair

bells are tolling for you my friend
is just another chapter or is this the end?
walk forth, walk tall
the answers to everything is not written in stone nor wall
follow your heart when the gatekeeper comes
let your purity shine through

through those gates anyhow,
is just the passage to another zoo

(c) 2014 allen simpson

This poem came to me while listening to ‘Echoes’ by Pink Floyd

groen praat

swart en wit is lieg
mens moet alles in groen sien
en waardeer

groen is lewe en skuil
in wilderosyntjie en lantaan
in fransipani en okkerneut
in die moot van kersiebloeisels
wat jou vir ‘n ookblik laat vergeet

rus is lê op groen gras en
wolke tel in hemelblou
groen is asemskep
wat dome en plante ons skep

wees blind vir swart en wit
en onthou
groen is lewe
as jy jou oopmaak
en dit toelaat om jou te omvou
laat groen praat en luister

(c) 2014 allen simpson

groen sal altyd spesiaal vir my wees, al is dit nie my gunsteling kleur nie. Toe ek 6 jaar oud was was ek in ‘n motor ongeluk in Westonaria en was blind vir maande. Die eerste kleur wat ek gesien het toe ek weer kon sien was groen (‘n groen appel en my ma se groen hospitaal gewaad)

Reis van die Nagape

wanneer skemer haar koue kombers
soos ou aia omtooi
en die glim van Luna se oog
dans in die lug
roep Nag Haar grootoog kinders

hulle reis van boom na boom
speel soos kinders sonder
traliehekke en reëls

elke boom word ‘n klimraam
wat Moeder Aarde
kunstig geplaas het

die reis van die nagape
kan my, nietige dom mens
leer om soms ook
net boom te swaai in my hart
om klein dingtjies te waardeer
en die lewe lief te hê
wysheid is ‘n nagapie
as die hart net oopmaak en ontvang

(c) 2014 allen simpson
opgedra aan Hanneliese Oberholzer, dankie vir die naweek in die bosveld
en ook aan Schalk en Ilouise… dankie vir die nagapie vertoning, julle is awesome

alive in beauty (little gifts)

everywhere is doom
a desire for the world to end
as we look into paranoid eyes
of people quoting mayan calenders and bibles
as if someone crowned them prophets
what is the profit?
what is the profit?

the ability to breathe already
is an incredible gift
the generosity of seeing beauty
such as a flock of birds
in a blue sky
the privilege to see
the majestic bloom of jacarandas
in a tree even in a city
the little smile of a stranger passing by

those that want the world to end
please die
get it over with
go to your saviours and heavens filled with virgins
and leave us happy
just watching the birds
just smiling at a stranger
just breathing
just being thankful

life is a gift
some of us appreciate
even today
just even if it is
for today only
we are alive in beauty
we are blessed
even in little gifts comes pleasure
die or wake up

I prefer you wake up

(c)2014 allen simpson


visuele stimulasie


dat een noot in
‘n mens in ‘n lied kan verdwyn
in ‘n nostalgiese oseean
net een noot
haar aanraking weer op wek in die onthou
lewe gee en klank, reuk en
op tower in die geheuehart
van gisters wat was, weer is
die soepel onthou van lip op lip
tong wat proe proe
asems wat bolippe kielie
die tas van vingers teen wange
die ritme van die hart
die liedjie maak tyd en plek
nie net ‘n oomblik nie
maar ‘n klein ewigheid
‘n wonderwerk
‘n stap in tyd
een noot word ‘n tydmasjien
en sy word weer jonk
saam met my
in ‘n oomblik…

(c) 2014 allen simpson

millago is Spaans vir wonderwerk


In long corridors I find my self
I loose my breath
I carry chains around my feet
I suffocate on the sound of my heartbeat
if only there were a voice
to lead me out of this labyrinth
I fear I must die
and become the offer to the beast within

there are echoes and they pitter patter
and I feel their endless chatter
on these floors so grey so stained
will I find myself bloodied stained

there is a disembowelled voice
is this the beast I hear
shivers become my dread-est companion
and I give into the fear

For tonight a beast will feast
but is it the one in the centre of the maze
or the one born in the abyss of the heart of my fear

the torches bring forth little light
and sometimes shadows lie
a Minotaur awaits in these phantasmic illusions
and if he finds me I will die

(c) 2014 allen simpson

Inspired by an old legend with a twist
and yes the word Phantasmic is a play on the word phantasm

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