'n venster na 'n ander wêreld


Augustus 2014


Sometimes, even in the vastness of solitude
Lies the undeniable path of light
That yearns, beacons us to follow
That certitude we sometimes fear
That footstep in the wasteland
That invites us

“Come, follow, there IS Light”

Sometimes, in dark forlorn dreams
We walk in fear to the edge of our own abyss
We see not the rope of love holding us
We fear to plunge into those tenebrous depths
And we hear but fear those wisps of voices we hear
Inviting us

“Come, follow, there IS Hope”

We must just follow…


© 2014 allen simpson
inspired by Depeche Mode ‘Waiting for the night’ and Loreena McKennitt ‘An ancient muse’

Annie Lennox – No More I love you’s



I used to be lunatic from the gracious days
I used to be woebegone and so restless nights
My aching heart would bleed for you to see
Oh but now…
(I don’t find myself bouncing home whistling buttonhole tunes to make me cry) Lees voort “Annie Lennox – No More I love you’s”


Dit is benoud-verskriklik as ‘n dood gewone pragtige mens wegkruipertjie moet speel en nie oop en eerlik homself of haarself kan wees nie.  Dit is grotendeels te danke aan ‘n siek samelewing wat ‘die norm’ op almal af dwing. mense word veroordeel nie oor die pragtige hart wat hulle het nie maar oor dom reëls wat deur jare in keel gatte af gewurg word. Lees voort “Wegkruipertjie”


‘The year 1999, seventh month,
from the sky will come a Great King of Terror;
To bring back to life the great king of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck’
quatrain x-72 Michel Nostradamus

Nostradamus in jou kwatryne
noem jy nie die wyne
die LSD wat jou laat dobber het
op ‘n woeste see
in jou kop
en jy, priester waar was jou hart
om so in jou pange van smart
van jou inner demone te vlug
om my wêreld weg te profeteer
jy kon beter probeer…

(c) 2012 allen simpson
kyk die priester het lekker getrip, ons wag nounog vir die Mongoolse koning om die wereld te eindig… hy is ‘n bietjie laat… 15 jaar…

vier en vyf )0(

vier torings, vier Wagters wat
vier elemente is
‘n onsigbare heilige alchemie
teksture van Aarde,
die sagte klanke van Water,
die passie van Vuur,
die klanke van Wind
kinders van die alomteenwoorde Moeder
ons Tuiste
ons Herberg

vier is die nommer
heilig, ewig
en die vyfde
wat alles saambring
geskrewe op die kleinste atoom en sel van alles wat lewe

vier en vyf
en ek is so klein, so klein
en so geseënd in die grootheid van alles

net die wat die wysheid en insig het
sal verstaan
net die wat nie verstaan nie
sal soek
en as hulle vra
sal die geskenk hulle nie verby gaan nie

Groot is die goedheid van die Godin
en die uitspansel van haar lieflike hart


(c) 2014 allen simpson

Understanding Monsters

We live in a sad world filled with obscurities and vileness. A world filled with monsters. Not created from some ancient mythologies or some dark writer’s imagination like Lovecraft or King, but from the steaming dark pits of humanity’s own mind. Lees voort “Understanding Monsters”

to live is the virtue of greatness

stricken with malady
crawling through the hell of limitations
only the body can endure
the spirit breaks not
but through every affliction
is reborn again, a little

the lunacy only the curse of disease brings
fades with faith and meditation
and long before the Gates of Summerland
the Mother Goddess always offers her hand
and the choice is always a gift

And to die is always a good choice
but to live for the Goddess is greatness

(c) 2014 allen simpson
thought that went through my head while being sick these past four days

Odin’s Rune

Out of Valhalla my one eye see
nine worlds spreading before me
I shift to the form of a crow
and fly down Yggdrasil

as I fly I drop a feather or two
and cast upon them my runes
Jera for harvest to bless the crops
wynn for joy to bring laughter

my feathered runes will touch
the hearts of those who believe

Listen to me nine days and nine nights
I hung from my feet from the Tree
and learned beyond godly mystery
in Wisdom’s fountain I gave my eye
I am the teacher for all willing to hear

Out of Valhalla my one eye see
nine worlds spreading before me
even you, yes you I spy
and sometimes it is over you I fly

Wotan am I
Allfather am I
Odin am I
hear my call
I speak your name

(c) 2014 allen simpson

Sli An Chroi

on the darkest of day, on the brightest of night
I follow the path of my heart and light
though those who may falter and fall
understand not my soul’s call
and might call me names or curse my path
I wish them love and light within my craft
I will walk my Sli An Chroi
in the way my Gods have blessed upon me.

I will walk with the soft paws of the unwavering wolf
I will watch with the observant eye of the crow
the sacred earth beneath my feet
and the light of the Moon on my heart.

My Sli An Chroi is filled
with perfect love and trust
guarded by Magic and lore
guided by the Goddess for evermore

Above I am bathed in Her lunar light
Below I am rooted in Her healing Earth
Within I am dancing Her spiral dance
Without I am shining Her love

So Mote It Be

(c) 2014 allen simpson
Sli An Chroi (Shlee-on-khree) is Gaelic and means Path/Pathway of the heart

Inspired by my spiritual Path and Cerridwen, the Mother of all Wolves, blessed be Her name. )0(


scabs and sores on his back
now but cracks and erosion
he stands like a rock
bereft of movement and motion

once he had a slight reprieve
but he is cursed with
a world on his shoulders
and a relentless quest

sometimes his mind leaves him
but he never falter
but he never falls

he is flesh no more
Medusa’s head turned him to stone
and still he is tired to the bone

(c) 2014 allen simpson

inspired by the legend of Atlas, the Titan

touched by a god

a lone child flies a red kite
and the wind plays a soothing song
there are memories in the moment
as if you are touched by a god

the child lets the string go
and the red kite becomes an eagle
the child laughs and I see my dreams
on paper wings flow in the wind

it is a good day
when you are touched by a god

(c) 2014 allen simpson

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