'n venster na 'n ander wêreld

we die and our lovers are left behind

we die and our lovers are left behind
we die each day when we change Continue reading “we die and our lovers are left behind”


Versekering is vir seker sekerlik ‘n klomp poefies

Versekering is vir seker sekerlik ‘n klomp poefies want Continue reading “Versekering is vir seker sekerlik ‘n klomp poefies”

fort klapperkop

dis aand, 20:15, in my donker kamer
my kers dans skadus op my tafel
en beurtkrag bring stilte in my buurt
en buite disco die weerlig Continue reading “fort klapperkop”

Satire for Satyrs

Someone said they are not voting because all politicians are corrupted. Isn’t that, even more, an incentive to vote? By voting YOU have the power to choose WHO you want to be corrupted. Continue reading “Satire for Satyrs”

Ultraviolet soul

Making love to the darkness called regret
drowning in my cigarette
watching the smoke drift
like tendrils of sadness
in empty air Continue reading “Ultraviolet soul”

A Wolfie reveals a secret

There is more to a person than meets the eye. I am going to reveal a secret to you. Continue reading “A Wolfie reveals a secret”

Fables and Spiders

Who does not like a good fable? Continue reading “Fables and Spiders”

Ek wil verdwaal

Ek wil verdwaal by die grafte van onbekende mense
“hello” sê vir mense wat was Continue reading “Ek wil verdwaal”

memory is a witch

memory is a witch, look I am under its spell
a horror of an itch, can’t you tell
words whispering in the mind Continue reading “memory is a witch”

Do you remember?

Listen. Think. Remember. Continue reading “Do you remember?”

original thought

When every drop of new thought,
every sliver of silver-tongued prose Continue reading “original thought”

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