'n venster na 'n ander wêreld

Hoe skryf mens moeg

Hoe skryf mens moeg op sosiale media
as jy moeg is vir al die pyn
mens sien net geweld
winkels wat brand
kinders wat weg is
vroue aangerand Lees voort “Hoe skryf mens moeg”


#PleaseStepIn #LightTheWay

We’re all victims, we’re all survivors, but we can choose to be stuck in playing the victim or we can fly out of our darkness as survivors and light the way for others. Lees voort “#PleaseStepIn #LightTheWay”


Burning tires
Shopping fires
Ashes dancing in the wind
The fruits of xenophobia
And lit hands that forgot God Lees voort “Joyful”


This poem featured in my first poetry book ‘Tales From the Flow’. It is about a doll that is the last witness at the end of the world. It was inspired by the Book of Revelation and the song ‘This Corrosion’ by Sisters of Mercy. Lees voort “Dolls…………….”

dag sonder blomme

dag sonder blomme
dag sonder blomme

‘n dag sonder blomme
dis net Lees voort “dag sonder blomme”


I knew I was evil when I disappeared from here Lees voort “#IknewIWasEvilWhen”


Sleeping in Cars
Sleeping in Cars

Sleeping in cars

A home is not broken
if you are sleeping in cars Lees voort “#SleepingInCars”

(not) whispering a lullaby

I made a video of one of my poems…

Are you brave enough to watch? Lees voort “(not) whispering a lullaby”

#GrowingAChild (just add water)

Someone told me the other day, ‘Wolfie, you are a wise man. Tell me wisdom about raising a child.’. Lees voort “#GrowingAChild (just add water)”


It’s 11pm at night and outside I hear hadedas and crows… now if I was superstitious it means that my time is up, so if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, I should have been more superstitious. It’s cold tonight. I love winter. Lees voort “Rain…”

those empty-eyed boys

those empty-eyed boys
those empty-eyed boys

homeward bound after school the boy,
around the corner
a gauntlet of fists
in his head, he lists
the things not said Lees voort “those empty-eyed boys”

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