'n venster na 'n ander wêreld

last night

Last night I found myself breathing
lost between two dreams
in one I was at the edge of an abyss
in the other, I was the abyss Lees voort “last night”

Life Evolves

The secret of life, the only secret is that life evolves. It is the only thing you can be sure off. You yourself evolved. Look at yourself from within. Lees voort “Life Evolves”

Pillow (mirror)

Pillow (Mirror)
Pillow (Mirror)

measuring dreams sacred science
vivid or fading like mists
shards of memory
in the waking hour
do you remember or dismiss Lees voort “Pillow (mirror)”

bedtime story

bedtime story

She laid there in the bed
tubes and machines beeping
her lips, so red Lees voort “bedtime story”

call it (life)

i feel the hot sands of a broken earth
beneath the cracked soles of my feet
and i am silenced by the off-beat
drums of sound, the rhythm Lees voort “call it (life)”

Gender Health

There is something very off to me with the term ‘gender-neutral’ when it involves children. Lees voort “Gender Health”

Hoe skryf mens moeg

Hoe skryf mens moeg op sosiale media
as jy moeg is vir al die pyn
mens sien net geweld
winkels wat brand
kinders wat weg is
vroue aangerand Lees voort “Hoe skryf mens moeg”

#PleaseStepIn #LightTheWay

We’re all victims, we’re all survivors, but we can choose to be stuck in playing the victim or we can fly out of our darkness as survivors and light the way for others. Lees voort “#PleaseStepIn #LightTheWay”


Burning tires
Shopping fires
Ashes dancing in the wind
The fruits of xenophobia
And lit hands that forgot God Lees voort “Joyful”


This poem featured in my first poetry book ‘Tales From the Flow’. It is about a doll that is the last witness at the end of the world. It was inspired by the Book of Revelation and the song ‘This Corrosion’ by Sisters of Mercy. Lees voort “Dolls…………….”

dag sonder blomme

dag sonder blomme
dag sonder blomme

‘n dag sonder blomme
dis net Lees voort “dag sonder blomme”

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