'n venster na 'n ander wêreld


Maart 2015

seek me

Seek me
look in my soul-lit eyes
and find me.

Drink of me
hear the heartfelt words
well up from the fountain
that is within my soul

touch me
let me feel you inside my
as we escape within this dream

breathe me in
and give me life…

(c) 2011 allen simpson

Dusty Circles

Sitting in a dusty room,
images running amok in my mind
I draw dusty circles in a faded mirror
trying to rewind.

And in my mind’s eye the dusty room is like yesterday
we held hands, and our innocence have not slipped away…

But there’s spiders on the wall
and memories, they fall
and through the webs and through the cracks
they wane and wax
like faded jeans we wear them until they are gone.

And in the dusty circles on a faded mirror
I see in my mind’s eye your smile
and I know everything will be all right
and I let you go and you drift towards the light.

(c) 2011 allen simpson
memories should not be mourned, they should be fondly cherished.
Allen Simpson


come, come run to me
even through the shadows
here, here, listen to the voice of my art
the night only haunts
the heavy of heart
so come, come run to me
i am sanctuary

do not doubt my little voice
that pitter-patter in your heart
i am the warmth and the fire
the one giving comfort when all is dire
i am sister, brother, father, mother
i am the answer

let not unnamed creeping things
born of fear and doubt
keep you from running to me
i will keep the demons out

from the darkest pits of despair
i am that rope pulling you to safety
climb, climb even if you feel blind
for i will never leave you

i have many names
many faces
but one i always show in honesty

i am hope

(c) 2015 allen simpson

The Mission – Wasteland (Shorter version)



There’s a crystal view from my window
That I can see years to come
I live for the burn and the sting of pleasure
I live for the sword, the steel and the gun Lees voort “The Mission – Wasteland (Shorter version)”

Reflection (monophobia)

i used to see you staring back
your deep-cased eyes encircled in black
your full lips are now gone
even from my memory
the you that i used to be

i withered away and i saw you
every day,
how gaunt you have become
every day,
you slowly turned into someone else
– not me

the disease have eaten you away from me
until i have no you left
i lost you, my dear reflection
and i am all alone…

i fear i used to be…
i will never be again…
and i am  so terribly alone…

so so alone…

(c) 2015 allen simpson
in case you did not get the hints and tips left in my poem, it is about a man that withered away and each day when he looked in the mirror he saw: -not the healthy person he used to be, but a diseased dying person looking back.

He feels alone, because the person that use to be him has left him…

It is inspired by something quite a few people have said to me over the years about how they sometimes do not recognize themselves any more, that the person they see themselves as, is a shadow of who they used to be. And that it makes them feel alone. Scary thought.

hande saam

hande teer en seer, verweer of sag soos satyn
word een, saam met kniee nederig waar pyn
en liefde en lofprys en smeking en
teenwoordigheid van Heiligheid geskied
hande bring almal saam, palm op palm
in gebed

van Shinto en Judaisme
Buddhisme en alle ander gelowige -isme
en ook Christenskap bring almal hande saam
en vra, en loof en eer

“Ek bring my hande saam
vir almal wat ek lief het
Genade Onbeskryflik Groot
lei ons. lei ons almal
en laat daar liefde wees”

(c) 2015 allen simpson


neem my gees, lig dit op
laat dit hang in die bodemlose ewige oomblik van nou
en vul dit
vol van moontlikhede
vol van more en oormore
glimlagte en gelukstrane
en gee my hartseer en pyn ook
dat ek mag groei
en ander se pyn kan wegvat

neem my gees en lig my op
na sterre so ver dat ons hulle nie kan sien nie
laat my dan val tot diep in U hande
in U liefde
in U genade
o heilige Moeder, Danu
Sy wat Aarde is
waarop my spore voetval
waar op my voete jubel en dans

U hou my nederig
en U is die Grond wat ek aanbid
waarop ek aanbid
my siel loop oor.

Die Aarde is my Moeder
niks ontbreek my nie Sy gee my rus in Haar Moederskoot, die groen velde
en Haar waters les my dors, Haar vrugte gee my lewe.
Haar sal ek prys tot in die lente van my dae
en al my lewens daarna
Prys Danu

mag dit so bly

(C) 2015 allen simpson

Faith And The Muse – “The Chorus Of The Furies”



Eripite nos ex miseriis crudelis Terras,
eripite nos ex faucibus eorum, Lees voort “Faith And The Muse – “The Chorus Of The Furies””

milky white

everything blurs until
the amnesiac shock that
you have forgotten the you
that used to be you

How did it come to this?

one little sip from the
river styx
(the river being the thin line
that we cross so easily)
where our morals become almost
as milky white as innocence
but alas if you mix milk and water
that purity is gone

How did it come to this?
I do not recognise myself
all because
I thought it is okay to drive
that night that i was drunk.

I lost my face
but that is not all
I lost my innocence….

there were children in the other car

(c) 2015 allen simpson
save lives, don’t drink and drive

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