'n venster na 'n ander wêreld


November 2016

Die mag van gewoonte


Die mag van gewoonte



Jy was gemaklik. Gewoonlik kan jy bekostig om kos te koop, om die hele huis te voorsien. Jy betaal kos, water, elektrisiteit en die gewone maandlike rekening en het iets oor om jouself mee te ‘treat’. Daardie klein bederf wat so lekker is. Soms gooi jy petrol in die kar en gaan oor ‘n naweek op ‘n ‘outing’, jy weet, sommer ‘n rondry na ‘n museum of ‘n vlooimark. Lees voort “Die mag van gewoonte”


“People don’t realize they aren’t able to choose whether or not to believe something. If they subconsciously believe something, therein lies the potential for a curse.”
~Kanoe Yuuko
from: Tasogare Otome X Amnesia

you dance in the frequency of self-worship
you think yourself the one-eyed ruler
in the wasteland of the blind
you dabble with the notion that you are loved
but when you cannot bribe anymore the affections will stop

and in the halls of your deception
I wear this mask to keep you away Lees voort “masquerade”

On Cats


A cat, I am told, has nine lives. If that is true, I know how a cat feels. Caryl Chessman

People are strange when it comes to cats. People who love cats, people who hate cats, people that are allergic to cats but still love them and idiots that hate cats just because they are allergic to cats. I love cats but I am allergic to some of them. I can never understand why people hate animals just because of an allergy. A healthy respectful fear, that I can understand but it is not as if it is the cat’s fault that you have a health problem. Lees voort “On Cats”


soms is die lewe soos die nag
ons is blind agter ons sluiers
tas rond soos molle in die son
soms is ons gelukkig Lees voort “Asherah”

forces unseen

there are unseen forces afoot
unexplained like how in a moment
a baby’s weeping can turn into a smile
and how with just a dash of the sun’s kiss
a rose can open up her secrets and bloom Lees voort “forces unseen”

Let’s Eat Fifty Shades of Grey

“Oh my.”
― E.L. James

Yes, it is an actual quote from the book. “Oh My.” I saw the movie and I thought it is the story about a man with a serious incapability to have feelings like a normal person, a guy who can just show expressions when he hits the living Lees voort “Let’s Eat Fifty Shades of Grey”

The Voice

I exist not just in your fantasies
I am nothing new
yet you still have not discovered me Lees voort “The Voice”

blomme op grafte en oorlewing

Al ooit gevoel soos plastiek blomme op ‘n graf in ‘n myn dorp, daardie iets wat iemand met deernis geplaas het om afskeid te neem, om liefde te betoon, dan kom ‘n skerminkel Lees voort “blomme op grafte en oorlewing”

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