'n venster na 'n ander wêreld


April 2017


niks lag sonder tande
niks is leeg en stukkend
niks is vol van weemoed
niks word klein
‘n stof korreltjie
‘n atoom
‘n memory Lees voort “niks”

Sincerely not human

the face in your god’s mirror
grew old
when the world was new
he who invoked glittering children within the shadows
to what end? Lees voort “Sincerely not human”

The Light and The Tower

In a city of shadows
next to a broken sea
a lighthouse is shining
and the lighthouse is me

see the lighthouse and it’s beautiful scars
in the darkness, its light is shining to the stars Lees voort “The Light and The Tower”

April Oggend Hunkering

Vroeg oggend rëen in simfonie
Trane uit skemeroggend lug
Weerlig doen ‘n impunduludans
Dondersange roep my terug
Lees voort “April Oggend Hunkering”

Geseende Sjokolade Eier Naweek

14920827832991183689131Ek wil so graag met elkeen van julle een eet. Ek sal maar vir julle elkeen een eet.

Ek is weg tot woensdag en wens elkeen ‘n geseende sjokolade eier naweek toe 💜

a twisted lullaby

the path is twisting and turning
amidst the spruce and pine
birds that used to be a-singing
just sit in a morbid silent line
in the silence
the woods are filled with eerie lullabies Lees voort “a twisted lullaby”

Can you hear the heartbeat?

Listen…. can you hear that…. that sound… yes it is the beating of your heart. Right now over eight billion people share that sound. Each rub-dub beat a little different. We always look at how different we are as human being, we look at each other’s Lees voort “Can you hear the heartbeat?”

algol 26º Taurus

Ravens are talking to deaf ears
Ravens are listening but the mute speak
chaos ensues
in the hearts of men Lees voort “algol 26º Taurus”

Van varkie na valk

Soms is daar in feestories
‘n vark in die verhaal
Wat twyfel en nie wil luister Lees voort “Van varkie na valk”

I decided to commit the very sinful act my mommy told me not to do…

It was a Monday morning,
I had three bucks on me,
I had to do it,
I just had to…

Mommy warned me,
Mommy warned me good, said:
‘If you do it,
there is no return, sonny boy,
you will be changed forever.’

so I took the three bucks out of my wallet,
I sighed.
The bearded lady stood there with her sign.
The sign said:
I gave her the money and…
You wasted your time, a minute of your life, to read this…

(c) 2011 allen simpson

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